The Module Size Race — Impact on Future Solar Project Development

  • Energy yield is the amount of the energy the power plant generated for a given capacity. For a given system, it is estimated that power plant utilizing M12 based module have 1% abs gain in energy yield.
  • Better known as balance of system, BOS compiles of all the cost heads like cabling, land, MMS, inverter, etc. M12 based module are known have a clear advantage at BOS level which directly affects the CAPEX of the solar power plant. The enhancement in the energy gains and the savings at BOS level when comparing M10 v/s M12 can be attributed to the fact that by increasing the module area to around 10%, we can get power boost around 13% at same efficiency.
  • LCOE or levelized cost of electricity denotes the generating cost of energy over solar power plant’s life time. LCOE is one of the key indicators for solar plant’s overall profitability. With both energy yield of the power plant being higher and the BOS cost of power plant being lower, LCOE for M12 based power plantsis known to be better than M10 based modules.




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Solar Solution By Waaree Energies

Solar Solution By Waaree Energies

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