Waaree — India’s largest Vertically Integrated Solar Energy Solution Company

  • BIPV provides thermal insulation (heating as well as cooling) to the building when it acts as a replacement for wall / windows. It however requires an extra layer of glass filled with gas for such purpose. It could be installed externally or could be an inherit part of the module as required
  • BIPV module when replacing the wall provides active noise protection/cancellation
  • The BIPV modules have a wide range of operating temperature from — 40 °C to +85 °C meaning that it can operate in the extreme temperatures & almost anywhere
  • BIPV enables the building to have enhanced aesthetic or match the existing aesthetic look
  • BIPV system(s) canbe interfaced with the available utility grid or could be used in stand-alone system/ off grid system
  • BIPV provides mechanical resistibility and structural integrity to a building
  • BIPV modules just like the outer façade process from aggressive weather factors like snow, rain, hail, wind, etc.




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Solar Solution By Waaree Energies

Solar Solution By Waaree Energies

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